Welcome to the Game of LIFE and DEATH. A Social experiment beginning with LIFE that requires your participation where the motherload of ETH is waiting as a reward to holders of DEATH.

1 - In the beginning, there were 1,000 LIFE and 1000 DEATH GOD (admin) takes 20% (200) of the LIFE and 0% of DEATH.

2 - 800 LIFE are then placed into a pool and players are invited to send as much or as little ETH as they like. At the end of the appointed time frame, all the 800 LIFE is proportionally distributed to addresses according to how much ETH they sent .

3 - After the sale has been filled and LIFE is distributed, Admin (GOD) will create a Liquidity Pool on Uniswap with 1 LIFE and equivalent ETH. This will be the extent of Admins participation in this pool. It will be up to the players to fill the LP to get the UNIV2 token which will be required to play.

4- At the same time, a Fountain of DEATH is setup where 800 DEATH will be distributed on a linear curve over 3 days proportionally to those staking the UNIv2 liquidity pool token from the LIFE/ETH pool

5- At the same time, ALL the ETH collected (minus Gas fees and the original 1 eth for the LIFE pool) is placed in a new Liquidity Pool against 200 Death.

6 – The Liquidity keys for this will be sent to Unicrypt for 14 days, which is enough time to finish the game, after which GOD reserves the right to withdraw the remaining ETH and DEATH (if there is any left)

This begins the net game which will function as follows

a – acquire LIFE b – place life into the Liquidity POOL to acquire UNIV2 c – Stake UNIV2 into the Fountain and get yielded DEATH d – Swap DEATH for ETH

The above is a 1 dimensional way to play L+D however it is expected that players will engage in some 4D chess arbitraging potential future value of the DEATH Pool vs. immediate gains made during trade.

This is an experimental protocol and an introduction to PURGATORY (our happy group) We expect that after the “game has finished” that the LIFE and DEATH tokens will be used for the next game, so hold on tight.

Death, is just the beginning.

Purgatory 9